Look within. GRoW Beyond.

Are you stuck in your career? I support professionals, leaders who are feeling stuck to uncover their true potential, get back on their track and design a successful thriving next career chapter!


I don't know if it is time for you to move on or not. But what I do is get you the tools to really assess and know yourself. I help you get unstuck and tap into your resources so that you are making the right decision!

So give your mind the clarity and awareness it needs to make that decision and align more successfully with your goals.

Develop a sustainable willingness to change in order to finally live the life you desire. Become an active and mindful creator of your life with Life Bay!



 Develop an empowered and successful self-leadership!


Create a sustainable your work-life-balance aligned with your values by widening your perspective through consciousness!



Uncover your potential and

make it thrive!

           Fully tap into your resources!

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